Riyadh Exhibitions Company Ltd. aims to elevate the exhibition industry to its full potential in Saudi Arabia in line with highest international standards, thus reinforcing the country’s position as a global economic leader.




To enrich the exhibition industry in Saudi Arabia through organizing the largest number of specialized trade fairs and to serve promising industries in the country and the region.





creates a better work environment and enriches business with improved organizational performance through a broader range of expertise and ideas. The company employs a wide array of approaches to setting business strategy and managing operations.



led by a strong sense of initiative from team members and a spirit of cooperation in management, organization and provision of high-quality services. Employees play an integral part in decision-making and problem solving processes, driving a high morale that improves productivity in the workplace.



in the workforce so they can achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity that highlights our credibility towards our clients, who in turn put their trust in us and enable us to build a broader client base.



that is constant. The company works on improving its products in accordance with the best international standards through training and attending the largest international exhibitions and conferences.



demonstrated through the company’s ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to advance its services to clients.