Saudi Plastic & Petrochem
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Saudi Plastic & Petrochem - Overview

Saudi Plastics and Petrochem Summit

14th January 2020

Riyadh International Exhibition Center

Summit Overview

The Saudi Plastics and Petrochem Summit will be held concurrently with the 17th edition Saudi Plastics and Petrochemicals Expo and the 18th edition of Saudi Print and Pack Expo at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Petrochemicals derived from oil and gas feedstocks form the building blocks for products that range from plastic bottles, beauty products, fertilizers and explosives. Demand for plastics is the key driver of the petrochemical industry, superseding traditional sectors such as transportation, logistics, aviation and shipping.

Petrochemicals are particularly important given how prevalent they are in everyday products. They are required to manufacture many parts of the modern energy system, including solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, thermal insulation and electric vehicles.

Petrochemicals are expected to account for over a third of global oil demand growth by 2030 and nearly half of demand growth by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency

Showcasing state-of-the-art innovation in the dynamic field of plastics and petrochemicals, this year’s summit will highlight the significance of refinery to petrochemicals integration, technological advances in the industry 4.0 era and sustainability measures such as circular economy and waste management being implemented by these organization’s to diminish their environmental impact.

The Saudi Plastics and Petrochem Summit will be held on 14th of January 2020.  The Summit will also host an Exhibition Pavilion which will feature an exclusive platform enabling innovative solution providers to showcase their products.

The Saudi Plastics and Petrochem Summit will align business strategy with industry dynamics to benefit from emerging opportunities, bringing together senior stakeholders, industry professionals, public and private sector representatives, industry experts, decision-makers, influencers and solution providers globally and highlight dynamic transformation in the sectors which received substantial investment from the Government in line with the roadmap presented by Saudi Vision 2030.

Core themes at the conference

  • The role that the plastics and petrochemicals sector will play towards diversifying the economy and achieving Vision 2030 goals
  • Employment opportunities created by the plastics and petrochemical sector
  • The importance of value parks and industrial clusters in establishing industry and improving market access
  • Having an effective crude oil to chemicals programme; an important measure to increase profitability for refineries
  • The importance of creating a circular economy for plastics
  • Sustainability best practices being implemented by the plastics and petrochemical sector to prevent leakage to the environment
  • Assessing how the 4th Industrial Revolution is impacting the plastics and petrochemicals sector
  • How increased interconnectivity is resulting in challenges in securing critical infrastructures

Top reason to attend

  • Expand your network of contacts and potential clients in Saudi Arabia
  • Generate new leads and build quality new business relationships 
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the Saudi market 
  • Interact with industry leaders and engage key decision makers 
  • Learn about innovative technologies and trends in the sector
  • Increase your knowledge base in the Plastics and Petrochemicals sector