Saudi Transport and Logistic Services

Saudi Transport and Logistic Services - Why Exhibit?

Why Exhibit ?

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  • The Exhibition is the largest gathering of experts in the transport and logistics industry.

  • Be part of the show side by side with the transport ministry of Saudi Arabia

  • showcasing a wealth of current and upcoming transportation projects opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries.

  • The Saudi Transport and Logistics Service 2020 show features a breadth of industry specialists, from courier services to air freight Services, shipping agents to safety to security systems experts.

  • targeting a segment of Audience involved or interested in the industry of transport and logistic services.

  • Exhibiting your brand in a great way to promote to a target market and create brand awareness.

  • The Saudi Transport and Logistic services 2020, offers you unmatched investment projects opportunities in the sector of transport and logistics.

Saudi Transport and Logistic Services - Exhibitors Profile

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  • Passenger Wagons & Cargo Trans.
    • Assembling Equipment
    • Train Line Management Sys.
    • Rail IT Systems
    • Passenger Information Sys.
    • Safety and Security Systems
    • Lighting
    • Train Network and Communication Systems
    • Train Station Equipment, Facilities and Services
    • Tunnel Construction Tools and Materials
    • Customs Clearance Services
    • Air Freight Services
    • Rail Transportation Services
    • Logistics Companies
    • Shipping Agents
    • Courier Services
    • Supply Chain Management Services / Third Party
    • Logistics
    • Delivery Companies and Special Trucks
    • Transportation Centers
    • Logistics Facilities
    • Loading systems
    • Conveyer Belts
    • Land Transportation Vehicles
    • Port and Seafarers Logistics Systems
    • Refrigerated Transportation
    • Fleet Management Co.
    • Biometric Systems
    • Electronic Data Interchange Systems (EDI)
    • ERP Systems
    • Geographic Positioning Sys.
    • Production Management Sys. (GPAO)
    • Warehouse Management Sys.
    • Inventory Management Sys.
    • Robotics in Warehousing
    • Off Site Record Storage and Management
    • CCTV
    • Archiving Companies and Archiving Systems

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Why Exhibit ?

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